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Proposal essays

Proposition articles First year understudies at the University of Dayton are off guard since they can't have vehicles because of small parking spot. This could be fixed, satisfying all, by providing a parking garage for first year understudies. I am fairly qualified around there for I have done research on the theme and I am additionally a first year understudy at the college, so I know how it influences understudies direct. Sadly, it wont be a quick procedure to get this practiced, for it should experience the educational committee board, etc. At present the college is additionally taking a gander at a few other enormous tasks too, for example, assembling new and remodeling old quarters and building another music building as well as training field for the band. This is a fairly costly venture too, however I feel it is well justified, despite all the trouble for it will help the understudies influenced incredibly. It is calculated that this task will cost around $38, 920. At present, first year understudies at the University of Dayton can't carry vehicles with them to the grounds. This can place those understudies at an extraordinary disservice from multiple points of view. Indeed, it will help keep the understudies on the grounds, well some of them, yet I think in the event that we were permitted to have a vehicle nearby, we could modify somewhat better to the new life or condition we have here. It makes it hard for those understudies to land positions off grounds because of the way that they dont have an approach to get the chance to work except if they get the transport or have somebody that is eager to take them, which isnt consistently adequate. I have investigated the subject to find what must be done to get a venture, for example, this cultivated here at the college. As a matter of first importance I discovered what number of first year understudies were enlisted at the University of Dayton. Next I discovered what number of those first year understudies were living in grounds lodging a ... <! Proposition articles I have picked as my subject of examination the territory of ERP PC programming. I am intrigued the ABAP language that is utilized on SAP and I have no working information on that field as of now. The motivation behind this task is to research my picked vocation field and to perceive how PCs fit into this field. I might want to know the measure of experience that is required so as to enter this field and furthermore the training necessities. I am as of now working at the organization that I intend to remain with and have made my objectives known. I am at present in the field of Production Control. That implies if something in the bunch handling plan falls flat, my group is entrusted with finding the issue and fixing it or finding the right individual to fix it. Infrequently are we asked to really fix a programming bug, we generally simply give it to the first software engineer to fix. There are a few people there who have no tutoring however long periods of experience and there are other people who have different degrees. I realize that I need a degree since I have no programming experience to talk about outside of school, and I need to check whether I will actually ever arrive. I intend to examine this field in the organization where I am right now utilized, which is Petsmart in Phoenix, Arizona. I intend to meet the directors of 2 diffrerent programming gatherings and afterward maybe sit with a senior software engineer and watch. I need to check whether they have books on the language utilized by Petsmart, which is ABAP, a genuinely new and diverse programming language. My general paper will be composed utilizing Microsoft Word and I will likewise utilize Microsoft Powerpoint. I intend to utilize a Powerpoint slide introduction and maybe additionally have some gift pages with additional data. ... <! Proposition articles The plans of dashing vehicles are absolutely founded on streamlined features, which improves the general execution of the vehicles. The vehicle business is one of the universes biggest ventures since vehicles have become a fundamental piece of our lives. The greater part of the mechanical improvements in the vehicle business are immediate aftereffects of the progressions in engine sports. Dashing vehicles go back to the mid 1900s. In any case, the vehicles unique structures didn't mull over optimal design, this was because of the absence of logical examination associated with the improvement and advancement of the vehicles. Or maybe, the enhancements were to a great extent dependent on instinct and experience(Barnard 132), so the vehicles unique structures were level and very box like. These structures experienced a great deal of streamlined drag on the grounds that streamlined powers start to rule at speeds over ninety kilometers for every hour. Be that as it may, the best possible improvements began to happen when scholastic and exploration organizations began to engage with hustling vehicle structures in the 1930s,(Barnard 132) after liberal financing by the German government. Accordingly, a great deal of logical hypotheses are engaged with the general plan of hustling vehicles, for instance the Bernoulli Effect was utilized to build up the wings on the vehicle, which are utilized to create down power. Streamlined features is one of the most significant parts of the dashing vehicle configuration process. In the streamlined plan of dashing vehicles, there are two variables to be thought of. The first and most significant is the measure of down power produced by the streamlined plan and highlights. The subsequent factor is the measure of streamlined drag brought about by the power of erosion acting against the vehicle because of the contradicting wind current. The down power is the vertical power coordinated descending, delivered via wind current around the vehicle. High down power is required to speed up (Yager) in light of the fact that it sucks the vehicle to the track which pre... <!

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The New Economy versus the Old Economy

The ascent of new innovation has changed each part of our lives. Some on the new innovation are valuable to such an extent that we would not envision our lives without them. The web is one of these innovations, the way that they offer efficiency and earnest going of data is of incredible importance.Advertising We will compose a custom research paper test on The New Economy versus the Old Economy explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Almost all parts of the economy have joined the web. In the field of business ,web has set up certain systems like E-trade and E-business, which are ending up being significant in the running of the business. The mix of this framework is the thing that has prompted the ascent of new economy. New economy and old economy are two ideas utilized in depiction of how the economy works. While old economy can be portrayed as an economy whose frameworks depend on assembling and industrialization, the new economy is described with having administra tions and innovation. The two ideas of the economy base their distinction on the methodology they have in completing business activity. Be that as it may, outstanding between the two is the way that the old economy existed before the new economy. Old economy can be followed its foundations from the modern upset when creation of merchandise was changing from creation into little amounts to large scale manufacturing. The new economy has made the most of its ascent from advancement of the old innovation and the improvement of aptitudes that framed the bases of new innovation (Lowson, 2002). New innovation is portrayed by ongoing efficiency, expansion, and joblessness gains, which are aftereffects of new economy powers, and incorporate innovation, globalization, and expanded serious weights. There are two understandings to how the economy works. Moderate translation is one of them; it recommends that these powers adding to financial additions are doing it such that they are steady with regular monetary hypothesis. New economy fanatics then again encourage out that something increasingly significant has occurred and that the structure of the economy has changed and new arrangement of jobs have now been set.Advertising Looking for investigate paper on business financial aspects? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The two arrangements of school of contemplations can't be disproved since they have certainties in them. To begin with, the moderate’s contentions are apparent in light of the fact that the U.S profitability has been restored because of data innovation (Siebert, 2002). Likewise, expansion and joblessness has improved due to because of innovation, globalization, and expanded intensity. The idea that the economy has encountered further changes is likewise obvious; some are in any event, asking that the Philip bend has been rendered old because of worldwide rivalry. The moderate idea generally uph eld by market analyst is the one which is conveying a lot of weight since it joins innovation, globalization, and rivalry with customary speculations. In any case, the idea that extreme changes have occurred is additionally obvious; the issue is that we might not have arrived at certain limits in innovation (Siebert, 2002). New economy has come up because of transformation on the old economy that has been in presence from the mechanical insurgencies times. The principle angle that are contained in the new economy is having data innovation taking control in business world. The resultant of this is what is known as E-business, which has prompted various meanings of association. Complex business systems have been built up alongside the worth chain and they are being characterized by the capacity to gets items to the market with the best clients with the least expense and at a quick speed. The primary segments that cosmetics E-business is having an I.T framework for correspondence, the administrations and the items that are being placed in the market (Burn, 2002). The two kinds of economy have different differentiations that make them special from one another. To begin with, the old economy a straightforward equation was what was expected to make an item, what other place the new economy grasps utilization of intangibles like marking to increase the value of an item. Then again, one would gauge the worth that he has expanded to an item in the old economy, which isn't the situation in the new economy in light of the fact that the worth included isn't quantifiable. The estimation of the item reliant on the shortage of the item being referred to in the Old economy, be that as it may, for the new economy this isn't the situation as the estimation of the item is subject to wide employments of the items. Nearness to the clients of an item was significant in the old economy, which isn't the situation in the new economy since the market is so different and globalized (Pol lacco, 2001). There has been changes in existing patterns that are being achieved by the new economy. To begin with, there has been a move from assembling creation and has been supplanted by arrangement of administrations. Businesses in the assembling segments have diminished over the most recent couple of years. Counter to this, administration industry and the travel industry have expanded more noteworthy over the most recent couple of years. There has additionally been improvement in the redesigning of aptitudes just as sex adjusting as to work provision.Advertising We will compose a custom research paper test on The New Economy versus the Old Economy explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More The absence of education levels are getting wiped out through training and an ever increasing number of understudies are getting taken a crack at higher establishments (Pollacco, 2001). Another pattern has been that there is a significant move from residential rivalry to a global one. The issue of globalization has augmented the market from the neighborhood level to a worldwide one. The approaches that the administrations are receiving have likewise change in past decades, the legislatures used to have the arrangement of import replacement. The significance of this arrangement was that it assisted in industrialization, since innovation insightful we are past that period, nullifying these approaches has occurred to grasp a more noteworthy market. Protectionism is another strategy that is been battled against, however a few firms are as yet utilizing them. Having a globalized advertise has achieved effectiveness as well as expanded the development local item among various markets. Clients are getting a more extensive market while makers can move their items openly. In any case, it is striking that as much as there are numerous advantages that are achieved by the new innovation, there are others who are losing (Fitzsimmons 2011). The new economy will accompany different ramifications in the economy. To begin with, new economy requires subjection from assembling to support situated mode. Nullifying of the past structure is required and fuse of another structure of E-business. New economy has an incredible help on the benefit intention of the association. In any case, it accept that different thought processes that influence practices like religion are set aside and what man tries to accomplish is joy and fulfillment through material things (Fitzsimmons 2011). New innovation has incredible recognition in industrialist free market in contrast with socialist market. New innovation has likewise re-imagined the job of the military. Beforehand, the military in the U.S had the job of keeping up the freedom and insurance against assaults, of late this has changed to a situation where the military is securing large organizations and are generally positioned in zones where there are United States financial interests (Droke, 2000). There are differe nt inquiry that have thought of presentation of the new economy, among them is to what extent we are going to enhance physical creation to depend on an electric-based economy. It is along these lines important to remember the significance of having the items that we utilize day by day still underway just as having the administrations set up. Unquestionably, what's to come is obscure: it is in this way essential to place into thought that a parity should be accomplished in having both the old and new innovation in our lives today.Advertising Searching for inquire about paper on business financial aspects? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More References Burn J, P. M. (2002). e-Business procedures for virtual associations. Massachusetts: Butterworth-Heinemann. Droke, C. (2000, March 16). New versus Old economy. Recovered from old-economy Fitzsimmons, James A. Fitzsimmons, Mona J. (2011). Administration Management: Operations, technique, and data innovation. Boston. McGraw-Hill Companies. Lowson, R. H. ( 2002). Key activities the executives: the new upper hand. New York: Routledge. Pollacco, J. (2001, February 6). Old economy versus new economy. Web. Siebert, H. (2002). Financial strategy issues of the new economy. Berlin: Springer. This examination paper on The New Economy versus the Old Economy was composed and put together by client Deac0nFr0st to help you with your own examinations. You are allowed to utilize it for research and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; be that as it may, you should refer to it as needs be. You can give your paper here.

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What has been learned about the effectiveness, and limitations, of Essay

What has been found out about the viability, and confinements, of parent preparing programs for helping youngsters with externalizing conduct issues What should be realized - Essay Example ith this social issue with adequate information increased through three classes of Incredible Years Parent Training Programs: (i)Babies and babies (0-3 years); BASIC Early Childhood (3-6 years) and ADVANCE (4-12 years) (Incredible Years, 2009). The objectives of these projects are to treat kids forceful conduct and ADHD and to construct a vigorous parent-youngster association that would help in bringing up kids that would be socially skilled, sincerely solid and appreciate mental energetic willingness (Incredible Years, 2009). While there have been a few enhancements in the social practices of kids in nations where Webster-Stratton Model has been applied, however it had additionally been found that not these projects have been fruitful or successful: they face some unavoidable impediments because of the procedure of usage that value exploring and proposing better methodologies that would have the option to withstand both the disguising and externalizing issues in kids. There are some perceptible signs that parent preparing programs for helping kids with externalizing conduct issues has been compelling: studies of preliminary or randomized gathering control assessments demonstrate that there has been improvement in the manner guardians discipline their youngsters, avoiding cruel order or punishing that could have made develop into wild youths (Incredible Years, 2009). This activity has urged youngsters to admire their folks as issue solvers, and by connecting with them in productive correspondence, rather than coming about to brutal upheaval. Over the time of the preparation, the parents’ disposition to cooperation with their kids has improved, with guardians utilizing increasingly positive words or acclaims to flexibly the required support for their kids to act well in the general public. Webster-Stratton and Hammond (1990) perceived that analysts have recently found that the condition of parental psychological well-being generally adds to h ow their children’s social

Obese Americans and the Return of Lifestyle Nazis :: Health Nutrition Essays

Hefty Americans and the Return of Lifestyle Nazis We are not doing likewise sort of things with stoutness that we have finished with smoking and liquor to the extent the administration isconcerned. It must resemble smoking, a steady drumbeat. That's previous Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, showing up on CNN, January 11, 2000, requiring the country's way of life Nazis to assault husky individuals as they assaulted smokers. Way of life Nazis aren't choosing just heftiness, they're focusing on meat utilization. Dr. Neal Barnard, leader of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says, It's time we took a gander at holding the meat makers and cheap food outlets legitimately mindful. Meat utilization is similarly as hazardous to general wellbeing as tobacco use. Doing their part to boycott meat utilization, educators at graduate schools, for example, Harvard, Rutgersand Georgetown are instructing creature law courses. Creatures are viewed as offended parties. Law teachers are equipping by contemplating old servitude rules that approved lawful nonpersons to bring claims. Perhaps, in a little while, we may see chickens, bovines, pigs and different critters showing up as offended parties in court suing for wrongdoings against creatures. Morgan Leyh, an individual from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) says, Eating meat is a rich versus poor issue. The rich get fat on meat, while the poor are starving since all the grain is taken care of to cows. It's narrow minded to eat meat - there is no reason for eating meat. So far as America's poor, that guarantee reflects unadulterated idiocy. American weight is for the most part a medical issue of needy individuals. Be that as it may, idiocy and insensitivity is decent for PETA. It was PETA president, Ingrid Newkirk, who said butcher of a huge number of chickens is a more noteworthy catastrophe than the Nazi holocaust. She likewise said that a kid is not any more significant than a mollusk. PETA has individual explorers. Visitor Choice ( refers to individual voyager, Paul Shapiro, an individual from Compassion Over Killing, as saying, Creatures are the most persecuted bunch on the essence of the planet. Eating meat is unscrupulous - it isn't your entitlement to state a creature's life merits a lovely taste sensation in your mouth. Assume we didn't butcher dairy animals for their meat at the same time, rather, just drank their milk? We wouldn't be free; there are against milk Nazis. Robert Cohen, a.k.a. Notmilk Man, executive of the Anti-Dairy Coalition, says that there is no dietary benefit to drinking milk.

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Research Portfolio Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Research Portfolio - Essay Example 81). Because of the expanded degree of worldwide exchange, the outside trade, showcase has developed since as right on time as 1980 to introduce. It is evaluated that by and large, worldwide outside trade turnovers have expanded from $1.7 trillion in the year 1998 to $3.98 trillion in the long stretch of April, 2010 (Weithers, 2012, pp. 221). In the midst of this development, the remote trade advertise has had its difficulties and rising issues which influence its activities and development. One of the significant difficulties confronting universal exchange is worldwide and provincial downturns, for example, the worldwide credit crunch and the EU budgetary emergency. Financial receptiveness or locales likewise exceptionally sway the forex showcase. A portion of the developing issues in the remote trade showcase incorporate money related instruments, for example, in spot exchanges, advances, trades, future and alternatives. Flexible investments have likewise evolved with the developme nt of the forex advertise. The accompanying venture will explore the contemporary issues in the outside trade advertise and their belongings Research addresses First, what are the developing budgetary instruments in the remote trade showcase and their impacts available? Second, what are the impacts of local and worldwide downturns on the outside trade advertise? Third, what is the connection between monetary transparency of economies and the remote trade showcase? Fourth, what are the significant determinants of the trade rates in the worldwide market? Fifth, what are the difficulties in the outside trade advertise? Information To address the main inquiry, I will gather information from existing writing about improvements in budgetary instruments in the dynamic remote trade advertise. These incorporate turn overs in the alternatives and future markets. Google researcher has believable sources on data. World Bank’s site ( has solid information on realities, for example, volumes of forex trade exchange, monetary transparency of nations and factors which could show forces of provincial and worldwide downturns. These incorporate GDP and Public Debt levels of nations examines. Information will be gathered over the period from 1990 to 2010 from nations most effectively engaged with the remote trade market, for example, the UK, Japan and the US Proposed approach A connection coefficient will be determined to decide whether there is any connection between rising issues, for example, choices, fates, financial receptiveness and business cycles, and the improvement of the worldwide outside trade showcase. I will utilize a relapse model to assess the impact of the previous variable (developing issues, for example, choices and prospects turnovers, monetary receptiveness and business cycles) on the later factor (worldwide outside trade advertise turn overs). Developing issues are the autonomous factors while the worldwide outside trade showcase is the reliant variable. The accompanying model will be evaluated F = C + a*O +b* Fu + c*Eo + d*Bc Where; F †remote trade advertise turnover C †Constant O †Options turn overs Fu †Futures turn overs Eo †Economic receptiveness list Bc †Business cycle pointer References DeLong, G., Smith, R.C., Walter, I., (2012), Global Banking, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Weithers, T, (2012), Foreign trade: A viable manual for the fx markets volume 309 of wiley money, New York: John Wiley and Sons. Impacts of banking market structure on firm execution Financial foundations, for example, banks are significant components of monetary and social

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Literary Tourism West Virginia

Literary Tourism West Virginia Yes, when most people think about books based in West Virginia, usually Homer Hickams Rocket Boys comes to mind. Note that this was the book that inspired October Skies, the movie (with Jake Gyllenhaal, of course). Dont get me wrong, its a good book, but theres more out there. Its time to note the literary landmarks of West Virginia. The question is: If you were to take a literary road trip of West Virginia, what should you see? Point Pleasant, WV an entry point into the state at the Ohio River. For better or worse, Point Pleasant has been associated with the Mothman monster, and thus, John A. Keels book The Mothman Prophecies about the infamous monster that supposedly terrorized the population and prophecized the collapse of the Silver Bridge across the Ohio in 1967. Note, this was the book that inspired the Richard Gere movie. Of course, before John Keel came along, Gray Barker was writing about the bizarre. His book on Mothman came first, along with other books focused on UFOs. As a self proclaimed UFOlogist, Barker helped add to UFO lore, including his book They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers, which would lead to the introduction of the men in black as paranormal investigators/men in suits seeking information. This, of course, inspired the movie franchise. If youre interested in Gray Barker and his role as a writer (and sometimes trickster), the Clarksburg public library has his collection of personal documents for visitors to see by request. In Talcott, West Virginia, you can check out the place where John Henry, according to legend, competed  against a machine in his effort to show the railworkers efficiency in the face of new technology. This tale  inspired Colson Whiteheads John Henry Days, focused on both the legend and the celebration of John Henry Days in Talcott. Historically speaking, you cant overlook Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, where, in 1859, the abolitionist, John Brown attempted to overthrow the town and free the slaves within. There are so many important books on this event and man, including James McBrides National Book Award winner, The Good Lord Bird. I need to mention Glenn Taylors work here (Note: I gotta admit, hes a friend, but Id recommend these books to anybody looking for an Oddysey with true conflicts of U.S. history). Taylors work, including the mining wars in The Ballad of Trenchmouth Taggart and the red light district of Keystone, WV of 1910 in A Hanging at Cinder Bottom displays the deeply complex culture of West Virginias history when the state felt like an Eastern version of the Wild West. You can travel over to Keystone yourself, or check out the West Virginia Mine Wars Museum in Matewan, WV. For nonfiction lovers, consider following the New River. Noah Adams tackled this journey in his book Far Appalachia: Following the New River North. And, believe it or not, if you happen to follow this river from its southern point up as Adams did, it will drop you back at Point Pleasant and the Ohio River. While you are on your trip, read Ann Pancakes work. Her short stories, her essays. All of it. Me and My Daddy Listen to Bob Marley came out in February. This is a great window into Appalachia. And I could go on. There are books based in this state that many people forget about (Shiloh. Yes. You remember Shiloh), and a mass of culture. So much, so, in fact that Im guessing Ive overlooked a landmark  thats incredibly important here.  What other literary landmarks of West Virginia  are important for people to see?

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University Of Technology School Of Computer Science And It - 22000 Words

University Of Technology: School Of Computer Science And It (Essay Sample) Content: center-443230DEDAN KIMATHI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGYSCHOOL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND IT.DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE.BSC IN COMPUTER SCIENCE.PROJECT PROPOSALPROJECT TITLE:E-CLINIC APPLICATION.BY: MBOYA SAMUEL MUSILI C026-01-0648/2014.A project proposal Submitted to the Department of computer science in the school of computer science and IT in partial fulfillment for the award of Bachelor of Science Degree in computer science.DECLARATION.I declare that this project proposal is my original work and that any references to publications has been clearly cited also affirm that this project proposal has not been presented in this university or any other university for the purpose of examination.Signed Date.SAMUEL MUSILI MBOYA.CERTIFICATION.This is to confirm that the above student carried out the project proposal as detailed in this write up under my supervision.Signed..DateMr. Morris Kaburu.ABSTRACTThe health sector is a very vital system in todays world. How ever, there are a number of hindrances that face it when it comes to offering their services to the patients effectively.This system will offer an online platform that goes beyond these hindrances and offer solutions. The system will link caregivers with patients. The system will entail mainly the caregivers whereby there will be a profile of caregivers and ability to contact your caregiver of choice. In this case the caregiver can be health personnel or a good-hearted person in the community willing to help patients at a pay.The geo-location of the caregiver too will be catered for depending on the different counties we have. Every caregiver will have his or her specified payment rates on hourly basis but there will be a difference in day and night payments.There will also be the administrator sector where he/she can register a verified and credited caregiver and is able to view the activities going on the system and jobs taken.Table of contents.TOC \z \o "1-3" \u \hPAGEREF _Toc485 919913 \hDECLARATION.2PAGEREF _Toc485919914 \hCERTIFICATION.2PAGEREF _Toc485919915 \hABSTRACT3PAGEREF _Toc485919916 \hCHAPTER ONE6PAGEREF _Toc485919917 \hINTRODUCTION6PAGEREF _Toc485919918 \h1.1 Background information61.2 PROBLEM STATEMENT.PAGEREF _Toc485919919 \h7PAGEREF _Toc485919920 \h1.2 OBJECTIVES.7PAGEREF _Toc485919921 \h1.2.1 Main objective.7PAGEREF _Toc485919922 \h1.2.3 Specific objectives.7PAGEREF _Toc485919923 \h1.3 Research questions.8PAGEREF _Toc485919924 \h1.4 Justification.8PAGEREF _Toc485919925 \h1.5 Scope.8PAGEREF _Toc485919926 \hCHAPTER TWO.9PAGEREF _Toc485919927 \h2.0 LITERATURE REVIEW.9PAGEREF _Toc485919928 \h2.1 Introduction.9PAGEREF _Toc485919929 \h2.2 CASE STUDIES.102.2.1 Case study 1: Mayo ClinicPAGEREF _Toc485919930 \h102.2.2 Case study 2: WebMD for AndroidPAGEREF _Toc485919931 \h112.2.3 Case study 3: MedRepPAGEREF _Toc485919932 \h112.2.4 Case study 4: My ABC ClinicPAGEREF _Toc485919933 \h11PAGEREF _Toc485919934 \h2.3 Summary.12PAGEREF _Toc485919935 \h2.4 Res earch Gap.12PAGEREF _Toc485919936 \h2.5 Proposed Methodology.13PAGEREF _Toc485919937 \hCHAPTER THREE.13PAGEREF _Toc485919938 \hMethodology.13PAGEREF _Toc485919939 \h3.1 Introduction.13PAGEREF _Toc485919940 \h3.2 Fact finding techniques.14PAGEREF _Toc485919941 \h3.2.1 Interviews14PAGEREF _Toc485919942 \hSample Interview Questions14PAGEREF _Toc485919943 \h3.2.2 Observation15PAGEREF _Toc485919944 \h3.2.3 Questionnaires15PAGEREF _Toc485919945 \h3.3.4 Research15PAGEREF _Toc485919946 \h3.3 System Development Procedures.16PAGEREF _Toc485919947 \hBasic Requirement Identification16PAGEREF _Toc485919948 \hDeveloping the initial Prototype16PAGEREF _Toc485919949 \hReview of the Prototype17PAGEREF _Toc485919950 \hRevise and Enhance the Prototype17PAGEREF _Toc485919951 \h3.4 PRELIMINARY DATA PROCESSING AND ANALYSIS18PAGEREF _Toc485919952 \hIntroduction18PAGEREF _Toc485919953 \hHARDWARE18PAGEREF _Toc485919954 \hSOFTWARE18Figure 1 Gantt chartPAGEREF _Toc485919955 \h18PAGEREF _Toc485919956 \hReferen ces.19CHAPTER ONEINTRODUCTION1.1 Background informationAs interest in improving the wellbeing and health of people all over the world, many systems are being integrated into the health world to improve service delivery in this particular sector.Medical service and good health care all over the world is a very crucial necessity to the society. This is due to the nature of need for medical treatment in the event of an illness. Despite a lot of effort put in place by the government, more diseases are emerging day by day. This would make it difficult for the government to reach its health target as per the millennium goals.This need of this great service has resulted to emergence of numerous private and public hospitals, medical centers as well as dispensaries (a community based one).Hence, with an online system (E-clinic) it is guaranteed that many people will be reached at a lesser cost. This would make health providers more effective and efficient therefore playing a big part in achi eving the set goals in the health sector and guarantees or else gives an assurance of meeting them earlier or in time.Being able to securely capture and store the patients information in an application, the system will go further in ensuring that there is ease in accessing the information when needs comes without constraints.This will help enhance information validity and consistency which is very crucial in any information system and consequently help in monitoring on how the adhere to their medication and contacting individuals who may have missed their medication in accordance to the way it has been prescribed.This online platform will aid the patients in saving their time and money by visiting the clinic therefore finding long queues and failing to be served. This online platform helps them contact the caregivers and pick on a date for appointment with them at a specified time and date. Also the E-clinic will aid the patients contact the caregivers twenty four hours a day and se ven days a week whenever there is an emergency and will get help immediately.1.2 PROBLEM STATEMENT.The absence of a well-established information system to link the caregivers with the patients has led to inconveniences in delivering service to patients. This has also led to the loss of patient and caregiver records.This platform will link the caregivers, whereby in this case the caregiver is a good-hearted person who can care for the patients at their premises at a pay on hourly basis. The caregiver in this case will be registered by the administrator whereby he/she must have a certification identity.This platform will also aid in capturing all patients health records and the caregivers (staff) records.The main challenges that this platform is solving for the patients are: * Resources and time wastage such as costs of travel to hospital and bills paid by in-patients. * Inaccessibility to the health facility. * Inconveniences such as environmental constraints.The above listed challen ges motivated me to develop an online application in which caregivers can get necessary information and immediate help for their patients.1.2 OBJECTIVES.1.2.1 Main objective. 1 To bridge the gap between the caregivers and patients brought about by the location and time.1.2.3 Specific objectives. 1 To efficiently store all patients health records and caregivers records on an online platform for ease of retrieval. 2 To equip the patients with an ability to choose from various caregivers their caregiver of choice. 3 To offer a 24-hour service delivery to patients and have an efficient communication medium between the patients and caregivers.1.3 Research questions. * How are the health records for all patients managed? * What is the approximate number of caregivers in a particular area? * Is there internet connectivity within the area of study? * How do the caregivers communicate with their patients? * Do the patients get service on a 24hour timely basis?1.4 Justification.This system ha s been able to address these problems by countering each of the following ways:Remote accessibility:-once a patient/caregiver has internet connections then they are able to access the application and pick a caregiver of their choice.Critical capturing of large patient records. The manual retrieval of patient information is tiresome and sometimes is lost. There is also the big problem of human errors when recording the information manually.The primary reason for doing this project was to solve the problems experienced not only in health centers but also to the patients such as to bridge the gap between the caregivers and patients, inaccessibility by patients to the health facility due to environmental constraints or else the cost of travel too.1.5 Scope.The proposed system/application can be used in any health care institution starting from a hospital, clinic, dispensary where patient records and other information concerning the patient are taken and stored for future reference.CHAPT ER TWO.2.0 LITERATURE REVIEW.2.1 Introduction.The huge growth of information in the medical environment deemed the necessity of an information system. The development of various ap...